Charismatic Prayer Group Betania


Thelma Chavez

(305) 987-0452

  • Thursdays, 8:00pm-10:00pm - Virtual - Zoom

Prayer Group is a distinctive component of the Charismatic Renewal consisting of a group of people that meet weekly in prayer, to worship God and buildup each other in the same Spirit. We share prayers of worship in a voluntary manner, and we give testimonies that show us the power of God in today’s world.

This group is assisted by the Charismatic Renewal and gives initiation courses or retreats that we call “Life in the Spirit Seminars” where the Holy Spirit comes over the believer so that he or she would have a personal encounter with Jesus and His mystical body which is the Church.

Divine Will


Martiza Jimenez

(305) 992-9044

Gloria Ardila

(305) 510-1205

  • Wednesdays, 8:00pm-10:00pm - English | Virtually - Zoom

The Gift of the Divine Will; it is to learn the difference between Living the Divine Will and to do His Will. To live in His Divine Will is to truly reign in it, in each act as a creature of God. As a member of this ministry, we try to meditate the Word of the Lord, through a life of prayers, participating in our church’s liturgy, especially the Eucharist.

We try to learn and confirm our knowledge as a gift and/or grace for all His creatures through meditations of the truths of the Divine Will that the Lord has given us through the writings of Luisa Picarretta.

Fellowship of The Lord of Miracles


Gustavo Morris

(305) 807-1422

  • Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month
    8:00pm-10:00pm - Bishop Isern Hall

There is a tradition to venerate the Lord of Miracles. This devotion goes back more than 200 years. We celebrate each year in the month of October with a Mass and procession with the image in the parish. The first Friday of the month we pray the Rosary in the Parish Hall.

Haitian Charismatic Group Salve Regina


Maunah Chaumin

(305) 338-3030

  • Wednesdays - 8:00pm-10:00pm - Room 121

The mission of the Haitian Charismatic Group Salve Regina is to evangelize through the organization of different annual religious education conferences. The group also holds religious and social fundraising events throughout the year (Way of the Cross Pilgrimage, religious field trips, and other).

In addition, Salve Regina participates in different charismatic conventions that are held in Miami and other states..

Prayer & Life Workshop Ignacio Larrañaga


Liliana Garrido

(305) 283-3233

The goal of the Prayer and Life Workshop, founded by Father Ignacio Larrañaga is to progressively introduce the faithful to a life of prayer firmly based on the Word of God through various methods of prayer.

The Prayer and Life Workshop is an instrument of evangelization in the Church which leads the participants to recover their inner peace and loving relationships by means of an intensive practice of faith and surrender, overcoming complexes and traumas. The Workshops are offered twice per year, with a duration of 12 weeks.